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Wakefield, RI
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Browse the gallery; enjoy the experience of Jude’s studio as you peruse the photos.

These pictures offer a view of students using an array of props (chairs, blocks, foam pads, blankets, eggs and the Great Yoga Wall).  They also enable you to see some of the benefits that using the Yoga Wall lends to asana practice. Used for many and varied reasons, from strengthening and making muscles more pliable to offering support and insight; it  is also a deeply beneficial tool in Therapeutic Sessions. The Yoga Wall provides a fun and easy way to improve flexibility, allowing the practitioner to be in postures for longer periods of time leading to deeper openings. It aids in your ability to access and understand various muscle groups in poses that may not be attainable on the mat. The support and confidence attained from use of the Yoga Wall and other props may help to overcome fears enhancing practice on the mat.

Take your time here in the gallery, observe these benefits as you contemplate the students in standing postures, inversions, twists, front bends and back bends.

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By being in a smaller space with less people it allows me to focus. Of course, I am not "responsible" when I am there and that helps too. I feel that I get closer attention - even scrutiny about form & alignment.

I can feel more at peace and practice more truly.....