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Wakefield, RI
(401) 439-5260

Jude is a 2,000 hour Certified Purna Yoga Instructor with an E-RYT 500 credential.  The following essay speaks to Jude’s journey with yoga and is expressed in her own words.


I have been intimately involved with yoga for more than ten years now. Following the loss of my husband, John on 9/11/01, my job in the corporate world seemed senseless and meaningless, I did not know who I was anymore, what I was doing on this planet and where I was going! Finally something deep inside directed me to Yoga.  In Brooklyn I met my first teacher, Vivekan and with his compassionate guidance and a beginning yoga practice I found help with my grief, devastation, solitude, and sadness. I was drawn back to the mat over and over because I could feel a sense of calm and peace as I practiced. I felt myself begin to heal and my Heart open slowly.

I began to travel and investigate practices that I loved. I was drawn to do trainings and expand my understanding of the world through different countries and cultures. On a trip to Thailand in 2004 I found myself connecting to the man who has become my partner and love, Ed Cardinal. In the months that followed I came to know and love both Ed and RI. As I continued to heal, grow and learn about myself, our relationship blossomed and I found myself moving to RI to be with him.

In 2006 I began a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) with Cathy Cesario of Spirit Tree Yoga in RI. Once I had settled in Rhode Island it became clear to me that although I did not intend to teach yoga I wanted to deepen my practice and continue to grow as a person.  Still, the thought of standing in a room in front of strangers did not appeal to me. However once I began to teach, I knew my passion was to share this magical practice with everyone! I have always believed that I am meant to nurture people in their journey towards wholeness and wellness, enabling others to find the best ways to help themselves.  Then in 2007, with some prompting from Cathy Cesario, I went to a class with Seane Corne that was dedicated to service work.  I knew immediately that I would participate; I raised $21,000 for the Cambodian Children’s Fund through the first Off The Mat Into The World campaign.  I maintain a website ( designed to share the details of this project.  I continue to support the mission and sponsor a child in Cambodia.  I believe Yoga is not practiced only on the mat but throughout each minute of your life.

Upon meeting Aadil and Savitri in 2009 I knew that I would continue to study extensively with them. Now, a 2000 hour certified Purna Yoga instructor, my love and passion for yoga come through in the safe, fun and lively atmosphere I create during the classes and private sessions I offer. Students are encouraged to pause, feel, and observe their bodies and minds with compassion while developing strength, balance and flexibility. I emphasize alignment-based asana (postures) and the use of props to broaden the student’s experience of the asana while also cultivating awareness within the Heart. Additionally I share my love of cooking whole, natural, simple and delicious food by offering guidance and recipes to my students and friends.  I am continually inspired in my work with others by the powerful connection of love and light that continues to flow from my teachers, Aadil and Savitri; I am indebted to their work in the world and our shared lives as I move toward my highest potential.

Education / Training

Yoga Teacher Training(YTT)

  • 200 hour YTT Spirit Tree Yoga, Cathy Cesario, May 2007
  • 500 hour YTT College of Purna Yoga with Catharine Eberhart and Kumar Upadhyayula, Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri,  September 2010
  • 2,000 hour YTT College of Purna Yoga with Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, June 2012

Continuing Education with the College of Purna Yoga

  • Therapeutic Teacher Training
    • 6-day Organic Body,  October 2011
    • 8-day Musculoskeletal, June 2012
    • Professional Therapeutic Teacher Training Program beginning in October 2013
  • Teacher Training for Teacher Trainees
  • Meditation Workshops with Savitri
    • Intermediate Immersion, December 2011
    • One Day Immersion, June 2012
    • Welcoming the Light II, November 2012
    • Welcoming the Light I, March 2013
  • Assist, support and mentor with Aadil
    • Kripalu
    • NYC YJ Conference
    • Ventura Yoga in CA
    • All That Matters in RI
    • Yoga Conference in Cologne, Germany
    • Purna Yoga Helsinki in Finland
    • Yoga Moves in Utrecht, Holland

I complete continuing education with Aadil and Savitri annually for recertification that encourages personal and professional growth.

Bodywork Trainings

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Training
    • Level 1 and Level 2 Training with Jonas Westwing, NYC September 2003
    • 60 hours with Master Pichet Boonthamme , Thailand, January 2004

Foods, Nutrition, Cooking

  • Natural Gourmet Institute, Professional Chef Certificate, NYC February 2005

I love how you smile, Jude and express a genuine heart felt, caring concern for each yoga student in your class. I have always felt  welcomed, and accepted as a fellow yoga student in your studio. Thank you for opening it up to share  - your Home, your Studio, your Heart, yourself!  You are an inspiration!

With much Gratitude and Love also,