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Wakefield, RI
(401) 439-5260

“Be yourself,
everyone else is already taken”
Oscar Wilde

Purna Yoga will bring healing, strength and deep love to all aspects of your life.

Developing a yoga practice allows you to pause, feel and observe your body and mind with compassion while developing strength, balance and flexibility. With Jude’s guidance you can find your inner laughing, smiling, soaring spirit.

Jude has the unique ability to intimately touch each student’s heart bringing a rich integration of all the elements that Purna Yoga has to offer.

Jude Monteserrato

Jude has absorbed her life with the flow of Purna Yoga Philosophy.  As she embodies the Purna teachings into her life she graces her yoga students with it's wisdom.  I am impressed with Jude's clarity of instruction and she is a caring and enthusiastic instructor.